Vision Track VT1000 (Grade A)


Cheapest Dashcam on the Market

32 GB SD Card
Grade A Refurbished Product
Fitting Included
1 Year Warranty

This full HD 1080p forward facing camera delivers a complete view of vehicles and drivers in front of you. A built in GPS receiver ensures accurate information on vehicle location and speed. The VT1000 helps protect against bogus claims and unjustified driving offence allegations.

Forward-Facing Camera (32GB SD Card)

  • Full 1080p HD (1920×1080) / 720P (1280×720) / VGA (640×480)
  • High quality super-wide pillar-to-pillar viewing angle
  • 3 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Adjustable recording rate from 1 fps to 30 fps (real time)
  • Flexible recording modes
  • Driver grading
  • Built-in GPS receiver ensures the highest accuracy for vehicle location and speed
  • Ready to connect to your telematics provider
  • Full Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Street View integration
  • Fully lockable case for seamless finish
  • Grade A Refurbished Product – mint condition
  • 1 Year warranty
Nationwide Installation / Fitting service included:

Yes Include Fitting


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